ASPIRE Entrepreneurs Group Holdings (A.E.G)

A multi-industry, business-friendly brotherhood and learning platform

ASPIRE Entrepreneurs Group Holdings (A.E.G) is a so called business brotherhood which active since early 2013. In addition, ASPIRE Entrepreneurs group Holdings is only invite those who meets the standard criteria of the company.

The Group’s current members are the generators of thousands of jobs and billions of ringgits in collective output. This Group is created for the mutual benefits of every member in the company, to act as a learning platform, and meanwhile, a great place to promote services and goods at special members-only rates.

Our goal is to grow wealth and access to best resources among our company members and establish a perfect environment for businessmen and entrepreneurs to learn, sharing, wealth and have enjoyment!


To cultivate a multi-industry, business-friendly brotherhood and learning platform which thrives to spread mutual financial and nonfinancial benefits equally to all the members and promotes a fun and friendly atmosphere to share experiences and start friendships.


To become one of the most successful and well-known business associations in the region best known for being a business oriented learning platform to promote every members in the group on becoming the outstanding entrepreneurs where experience sharing association with profit making as its secondary objective.

Professionalism is the core of our brotherhood. We ensure that the invited member candidates are the highest moral and professional standards before going through the probation period on becoming the true members of our organization. By keeping our feedback system up to date and rigorously taking action against misdeeds, we guarantee a trouble-free, business friendly association in which members feel safe and protected.

In AEG profit making comes as the natural course of events in serving the society. With this view in mind, we have build a team in which contribute to society is becoming our motive in earning money. Our vast social responsibility agenda are just among the social benefits that we repay to society.

As our main goal in creating this organization is to welcome the suggesting idea in coming together and sitting at a table is to find a common ground to share ideas and wisdom. There are too many disagreements and conflicts of interest in the business atmosphere today which to some extent are a necessary part of a healthy competitive business atmosphere. In our Group such competitions and disagreements are turned into healthy debates and attempts at finding the right people to serve our needs at best possible prices.

The idea of a business association which was inclusive to all industries has always been the concern of many industrialists and entrepreneurs worldwide. Its appeal is so much that almost all specific business associations were based upon the idea of bringing all businesses at the same table and let them share what they have to offer but then disagreements have always led to business associations with specific interest of a particular member.

In extent, Business Brotherhoods is otherwise which a wide range of industries are welcome to join. Hence, the ASPIRE Entrepreneurs Group has been established just to achieve the end product which they are looking for.

We are a thriving multi-industry business association with the needs of all our members in mind with the shared interest of collective wisdom and equal business opportunities for the Group members.

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